Slay skeletons and other forgotten souls to drain their soul power. Be aware, your soul is also losing power in every second. 

 Use arrow keys to move and jump.

 Use space bar to attack.

Note: The game only has level 1. 

Thanks to Ansimuz for the cool assets that he provided free on Unity Asset Store and

GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withUnity


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Nice game! I love the pixel art style and the animations, it reminded me the old Castelvania. The mechanics are simple but fun at the same time. Also like the parallax effect with various layers, it gives to the game a great atmosphere. The music fits the game very well. Good job! Would like to see more levels in the game!

Thanks for the feedback. The game was a small game project which I tried some gameplay mechanics as a studying project and it was the first project I shared online. I left it with only 1 Level to jump on a different project. So I might not add another level in the future sorry for that. Thanks again for the very nice comment :)